What To Keep In A Handbag: 10 Essential Must-Keep Items


There are loads of reasons why women have a close affinity with their bags. You may think it’s just another addition to a woman’s overall style or maybe just another fashion statement. Although it may seem as a luxury item with brands like Hermès and Louis Vuitton making loads of bucks from women with outrageously priced arm candies, a handbag is actually a necessary survival kit. Think of it as a woman’s style first aid box. What to keep in a handbag everyday.

Without a handbag or purse, where would a woman put all those items she can’t live without? The only thing more important than a woman’s arm candy are the candies she actually puts in them. So what’s in your main handbag? From smart phones to sanitary pads, notepads and makeup, every woman has a few items she can’t leave home without. But there’re key items experts agree every classy woman should have in her master purse. Think of it as a daily survival kit! This survival kit helps you stay put together, simplifies your day, and keeps you in close touch with your favorite items at all times.

To help you set up your survival kit, we’ve curated this ultimate guide on what to keep in your handbag to make your day easier.

Check out 3 important steps to building an ultimate handbag survival kit…

#1. Think basics first

These are the things that must be put in the bag first (especially when you switch bags), because you can’t do without them. For example, mobile phones, wallet, mints, etc. These are the basics for any solid survival kit that can carry throughout the day.

#2. Think goal for the day

Are you trying to finish a read? Will you switch your makeup after work? Or will you be attending a networking meeting and need a stash of your comp cards? You have to pack your bag with specific goals in mind. this way, everything you’ll need during the day will be at-hand, literally.

#3. Think favorites

These are affinity items you totally adore. For example, mini-workstations like iPads and notepads help us go through our day with so much ease. In addition they enable us work on the go, thus we can be more productive. You know your fave companions, let them follow you around.

Here are 10 items to keep in your handbag to make your day easier…

#1. Wallet

Photo: Robert Bogdan | Pexels

A practical way to organize your cash, cards, passport photographs and maybe your entire life!

#2. Mints

Photo: Hunter Newton | Unsplash

Because you don’t want to walk around with a breath that can fry everyone you meet. Those days do happen, no judgement sis. None at all.

#3. Pen & notepad

Photo: Jess Bailey Designs | Pexels

Of course technology is infused into our daily lives, however some of us are still stuck with pen and notepads, duh. Totally and unapologetically me.

#4. Mini makeup kit

Photo: Coco Tafoya | Unsplash

Yes, I know you always wakeup late and it’s impossible to have your makeup done and still get to work early. Thank God for travel sized makeup products, now you can facebeat on the go.

#5. Moisturizer

Photo: Shiny Diamond | Pexels

If ever there was magic in a bottle, it’ll certainly be this. Whether as a spray or cream, moisturizers are the best way to rejuvenate your skin through out the day. While we’re still on skincare, packing a hand cream and sunscreen will come in handy too.

#6. Charger(s)

Photo: Markus Winkler | Unsplash

Forget Friday the 13th, the real scary movie is having your battery die on you. So avoid this and pack a charger, and a power bank, and another charger, and another power bank. You get the drill.

#7. Signature scent

Photo: Jess Bailey Designs | Pexels

Of course you’re a classy babe and in spite of how stressful your day goes, you still want to communicate that. A fragrance is the best way to do this. Surely, everyone you meet during the day will know you aren’t basic.

#8. Hygiene products

Photo: Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

You don’t know when that pee will come and you really need to go, but then there’s no tissue in sight. Well, start your day right and keep a pack of tissue in your handbag. Plus, panty liners, sanitary pads/tampons, and a hand sanitizer aren’t bad ideas either.

#9. A hair brush

Photo: Anna Tis | Pexels

In between catching the bus/train or hailing rides, grabbing a coffee, eating launch, going for a drink and all the other things that make up our day, your hair can become a mess. Arm yourself with the trusted weapon — a hair brush — and enjoy your day looking put together.

#10. Sunglasses

Photo: Annie Theby | Unsplash

Unleash your inner Rihanna in stylish sunglasses as you give off a baddie vibe. No one would suspect how stressful a you’ve had when you stun in one of these. Oh yeah, they also protect from the sun.

Featured image: Анастасия | Pexels

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