Wedding Rings For Men: 4 Options To Consider


ong gone are the days when wedding rings were solely dedicated to the bride’s fashion. In today’s world, grooms are increasingly embracing their individual style, expressing their unique personalities through eccentric and stylish wedding rings.

If you’re a groom-to-be seeking some wedding ring inspiration that goes beyond the traditional, we take a look at some current trends that will not only elevate your stylish flair but also symbolize your commitment to your spouse.

Check out 4 wedding ring ideas for men to inspire your purchase…

#1. Tungsten wedding bands

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The poster ring for men’s comfort fit bands, Tungsten is a great choice to mark your commitment due to it being lightweight, scratch-resistant, and durable. Not to mention that they look elegant and classy, often available in a gunmetal grey hue or plated gold, white, or black. Additionally, Tungsten is ideal if you tend to have allergic reactions to metals like gold or silver as it is naturally hypoallergenic.

#2. Two-tone wedding bands

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Two-tone wedding rings are characterized by a combination of two different colored metals. They provide relief to the core metals utilized and make the ring pop. There’s lots of creativity to be had here, mixing colors such as platinum and yellow gold or white and rose gold.

Additionally, you can go down the simple route and opt for a plain mixture, or choose to feature patterns and other intricate details. If you don’t know a lot about jewelry, you may find it difficult to decide on a certain band metal that complements your style. A trusted wedding ring jeweler will always be ready to help you evaluate your options and may even show you a design you had not previously thought of.

#3. Black diamond bands


A man’s wedding ring typically signifies passion, strength, and authority, and what better way of demonstrating this than with black diamonds? This type of stone is opaque and doesn’t refract light, acting as the ultimate neutral gem choice.

Black diamonds work best alongside palladium, white gold, and platinum, which will truly enhance the contrasting colors of the band. You could even add a single black diamond to a ring made of carbon fiber, a material used in aerospace engineering and race cars because of its light weight and strength.

#4. Bands with unique elements

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Your wedding ring should be a reflection of your personal style and a celebration of your bond. A popular way of incorporating the two is to include unique elements in your wedding ring. Custom engravings are always a solid choice, adding a personal touch through meaningful dates, quotes, initials, or even a secret message. What’s more, some jewelers will offer the choice to include your partner’s fingerprint in the band’s design. This intricate detail can create a one-of-a-kind connection between you and your spouse even when apart.

Additionally, you can opt for a ring that includes another type of material personal to you. For example, including your birthstone in the design can add a pop of color and hold personal significance. Even wood or organic materials can create a bold statement, adding a rustic touch that is a distinct contrast to the metal of choice.

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