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As we leave another summer behind us, it’s time to adjust our beverage choices to the autumn weather. Not sure what to order? Just look at what you wear. From a parka for a casual day out to a fancy faux fur jacket to kick-off some pre-holiday partying, every piece of stylish fall outerwear has a perfect fall beverage to match with, be it a cup of hot chocolate, freshly brewed tea or pumpkin spice latte. So warm yourself up by snuggling into your favorite fall coat and sipping a yummy drink!

You can’t go wrong with a nice parka. This versatile utility staple can be the finishing touch to a casual fall outfit or dress down a lavish get-up. Parkas come in various designs: military green for the ultimate outdoorsy look, bright red to welcome the holidays, or decked with thick fur trim for extra dramatic flair. Just like how parkas have a place in any fall and winter wardrobe, the rich and velvety hot cocoa can be enjoyed anytime at home or at a cafe. Both parkas and hot chocolate are easily available, down-to-earth and offer utmost comfort for those crisp fall days.

Staying indoors? Knitwear is your go-to for snuggling by the fireplace, book in hand or, more often, Netflix playing on the laptop. This lightweight layer comes in many variations – zip-up, open front, toggle buttons – but they all go perfectly with the staple autumn drink: pumpkin spice latte. The classic drink’s frothy whipped cream covered in homemade pumpkin spice, floating on a blend of maple syrup, vanilla extract, pumpkin puree and milk, is a sight for sore eyes. The drink’s terracotta hues are the OG autumn palette. For an Insta-worthy fall fashion snapshot, wrap yourself in a brown or cream-colored sweater coat while sipping on your pumpkin spice latte.

Going for academia chic? Topping off any fall outfit with a trench coat will give you an air of sophistication. The classic trench coat is beige, knee-length and double-breasted, and comes with a tie belt. But there are other variations to this essential fall outerwear – trench coats in bright colors and plaid are also popular. While those who are back to school may be tempted to grab a cup of spice coffee when you’re studying, tea might be a better alternative. It has less caffeine than coffee, but contains L-theanine which can help you relax while keeping you alert. Besides, the mellow tones of any tea would look great next to your trench coat.

We can’t end this list without mentioning at least one boozy beverage. Don’t let the cold stop you from showing off some skin! If you’re planning to dance the night away in that skintight cocktail dress, with a glass of rum in hand, layer on a faux fur coat or vest for warmth and oomph. This statement piece will elevate your look with an extra touch of luxe.

For a more mellow alternative, a hot buttered rum with a cinnamon stick is a fall cocktail you can enjoy day and night. Just mix some sugar, butter, vanilla extract and allspice into rum and hot water, and voila! Pair this fall drink favorite with a ribbed cardigan with faux fur collar and cuffs for a lightweight jacket during cozy family gatherings.


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