Summer Dresses In Fall Are As Practical As They Are Stylish


all is just weeks away and there’s no better time to revisit the one skill that separates a true style girl from the rest this transitional season: skillful layering. The tricky thing about late summer weather is that it can become a little chilly, making it harder to wear a light summer dress alone, yet it’s still too warm for bulky separates. But there are sleek ways to rock summer dresses pre- and during fall that’ll keep things fun and chic while ensuring you’re not subjected to the tantrums of the climate.

Check out practical ways to wear your fun summer dresses in fall like a pro…

#1. Rock with blazers

Blazers are a great option, especially for the initial phase of the fall season. Before it becomes super cold, throw on your favorite nude-toned blazer (or a bright-colored option if you’re in the playful mood) over a corresponding rosette-detailed dress for a subtle fashion statement.

#2. Pair with leather jackets

These wardrobe classics are the best transitional pieces. From the cropped options to the oversized variations, leather jackets keep you warm and stylishly up-to-date. If you’re craving a bit of edge, opt for a zipper jacket to up the biker vibe. You can either wear them or wrap them around the shoulders; they’re still fun.

#3. With a sweater/pullover

It’s almost sweater season, so dig them out from the bottom of your closet for an exciting fall coordination. While the weather is gearing up towards its colder moments, it’s still too warm to tackle a chunky sweater head-on. Therefore, consider lightweight options for an urban comeback.

#4. Style with a shacket

For a relaxed take on summer dresses in fall, throw on a textured shacket over a solid-colored number. This duo is an apt expression of laid-back chic with a serving of fun. For a more toned-down offering, finish with neutral-toned boots like brown, otherwise opt for brightly-colored footwear for an energetic take.

#5. Slay with a coat

Season after season, the classic coat remains undefeated. It continues to see modifications to its traditional forms but conserves its essence, nonetheless. The minimalist and utilitarian trends allow this piece to be paired with any dress in your closet. Rock a purple shearling coat with a matching mini dress and pumps for a stylish take on monochrome magic.

#6. Win it with boots

While we gear up to sport our summer dresses in fall, bring out your trusted boots to make a statement. Whether knee-high, thigh-high, or ankle boots, each will serve its purpose without dropping the ball. They resist the cold and can spruce up any look; what else could you desire this season?

#7. Vamp it up with tights/leggings

There’s something ladylike about sleek, black tights that make them appropriate for fall. Slide into your favorite bright-colored dress and pair that with black tights and platforms for a bold look. However, if you’re craving something more refined, opt for a black cut-out dress, matching tights, and pumps for an elegant fall/summer mashup.

#8. Layer with pants and a jacket

Photo: @kelawalker/Instagram

Wear your sexy slip dress over wide-leg pants and complete the look with a cropped blazer to bring an interesting take to the conversation. You can make the statement louder with prominent accessories like oversized sunglasses and jewelry. Who said fall fashion had to be boring?

#9. Bomb with a bomber jacket

These jackets are essential for the seasons ahead as they work well for a summer/fall transition and well into the chilly days of winter. If you’re feeling rebellious, cop a colorful one that helps you stand out even in the heart of fall.

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Photo: @kelawalker/Instagram

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