Second Bridal Dress Inspirations From Top Nigerian Designers


It’s known that the modern day bride always has a second dress in arm. Whether it’s to avert disaster or to follow the latest trend of changing into something else after your church ceremony, as far as you are getting married your second dress is slightly as important as your first. This simply means you should put as much effort into finding a second dress as you would the first. Second bridal dress inspiration.

Finding a second dress can be daunting, but here’s an easy way out. Nigerian ace designers Esé Azénabor, Tubo & Huddaya have a lot to offer when it comes down to wedding dresses as well as second bridal dresses. These ladies are well known for their creativity, proud display of elegance and their memorable designs. As a result, we would explore in this curation a  beautiful mix of white & earth toned second dress ideas from these top labels. Second bridal dress inspiration.

Check out some second bridal dress idea from these designers…

#1. Esé Azénabor

Ese is known for her bold and daring designs. The American based designer loves the intricacies of putting a wedding dress together and they are mostly inspired by her roots. The reason why we picked these two looks as a choice for a second dress is simple; although the dresses look somewhat elaborate, they also come off as soft and beautiful. The embroidery details, the mix of tulle, and the ever chic lace makes it a very romantic and perfect fit as a second dress.



#2. TUBO 

While Ese’s designs are all about intricacies, womenswear Tubo is undoubtedly about the simple details and the additional spark. Her designs in this curation take a more reinventive form, as well as a good the mix of embellishments that create a glamorous look perfect for the woman who wants to shine.



#3. Hudayya 

Originally for the bride who wants a shift from the traditional white wedding dress, this gorgeous piece from ace designer Hudayya offers a unique blend of subtle and elaborate. Remove the veil and the train and you have a simple yet elegant look. In the same vein, add them back and you have just the right amount of bold and showy.


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