Neutral Colors In Clothing: How To Make Neutrals Work


N eutral colored clothing used to be frowned upon for being boring and pretty much dead against the skin. However, all that has changed thanks to the creativity of stylistas. Today more than ever, these soft-toned colors have finally earned our respect as well as a place in our closets. Whether it’s the buzzing fashion week or on social media, stylish women and men are making neutral colors in clothing work, and you can too.

Neutral clothing comes in a variety of colors like white, beige, tan, brown, gray, taupe, black, and the likes. While many of these colors may prove challenging to style, it’s a lot easier than you may think. The key here is complementing neutrals with hues that work well with them as well as style, fit, and creativity. Yes, your creativity is undoubtedly the most important factor you’ll need to make neutral colors in clothing work. Neutrals are now a must-have for any woman looking to claim her spot as a style star and with the classy vibe, who wouldn’t love it now?

Check out 5 tips on how to wear neutral colors in clothing like a true style star…

#1. Wear monohromes

A surefire way to look classic is to wear neutrals in monochromes. Whether it’s beige, white, or the famed black, a monochrome look is certainly right. In addition, this look is well-coordinated and can be worn from business meetings to brunch with friends, all depending on the outfit type. For example, beige pants paired with a matching blouse and trench coat isn’t just season-appropriate but also screams boss babe.


#2. Pair neutrals with a pop of color

A dramatic pop of color is always welcome with neutral colors in clothing. It’s the way it adds a certain spice to the look that makes it a trusted way to rock neutrals. Also, if you’re still skeptical about going head-to-toe in a single tone, then a pop is just what you need.


#3. Opt for outfits with details

Opting for neutral outfits with details is a great way to avoid looking boring. The flair it evokes makes your ensemble interesting to behold and interesting is what fashionistas do! Whether it’s a detailed jacket, skirt, scarf, or blouse, get creative with how you work detailing into your look.


#4. Play up your look with accessories

Accessories are like a breath of fresh air to any outfit, including neutrals. From shoes to bags, jewelry, belts, hats, and even scarves the possibilities are endless with what you can do with them. I particularly love how scarves are taking center stage in styling, see this article for some inspiration.


#5. Mix and match with fabric textures

Mix and match fabrics for a great effect. For example, fabrics such as lace, eyelet, wool, and silk can be paired with basics such as cotton, linen, and denim. In addition, you can also add prints such as stripes, florals, and leopards for interest. Finally, staples with interesting textures like a leather skirt, or a white lace or eyelet top wok magic.


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