Naija Style Influencers Always Set The Tone For A Fashion Slay


f these past weeks were to be summarized in a fashion quote, it would be Kenzo Takada‘s “Fashion is like eating; you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” Much like savoring diverse culinary delights, fashionistas often explore a wide range of fashion choices to keep things fresh and exciting. A solid example is when Naija style influencers like Olivia Arukwe and Angela Obasi choose to take a little break from colorful maximalist styles to render understated takes. As fashion demands never to be boring, we can assert that style players in the Nigerian fashion space are anything but that.

Check out the chic looks spotted on Naija style influencers…

#1. Statement two-piece

Photo: @medlinboss/Instagram

BBN star Alex Asogwa recently graced the scene in a captivating two-piece from the Medlin Couture Collection. Her outfit painted a vivid picture – an orange shimmering mini skirt, reminiscent of a starry night, paired with a white blouse with statement sleeves adorned with orange leaf designs. The outfit, as well as the matching clutch and heels, created an ensemble that was as unique as the star herself.

#2. Blue minis

Photo: @powedeawujo/Instagram

Powede Awujo in this blue offering is enough to make anyone want to gate-keep the hue. She radiated charm in a pleated, mono-sleeve, A-line blue dress, resembling the tranquil ocean on a clear day. To complete her look, she chose accessories in the enchanting shade of sky blue – heels and a bag that could make the sky itself envious.


#3. Flowering delight

Photo: @temiotedola/Instagram

Temi Otedola’s fashion statement at a Bulgari event was nothing short of a floral masterpiece — a vision of elegance and individuality that left everyone in awe. Her off-shoulder black dress was the canvas upon which her style story was painted. The black, like a midnight backdrop, provided the perfect contrast to the vibrant and bold details to come — the massive rose that decorated the front of her dress. Like a bold exclamation point in her fashion narrative, the outfit said: “I am here, and I am unapologetically unique!” The sheer size of the rose was a daring departure from her usual aesthetic. And yet it worked perfectly; like a central figure in a garden bursting with life.

#4. Multi-hue textures

Photo: @kimoprah/Instagram

When Kimoprah, the beautiful BBN star and one of the trusted Naija style influencers, made her grand entrance during Lagos Fashion Week, she brought a spectrum of colors with her. Her Emmy Kasbit multicolored two-piece was a delightful array of colors that played together harmoniously. Her spaghetti strap blouse dazzled in shades of pink, green, and yellow, reminiscent of a tropical sunset. The wide-leg pants mirrored this colorful extravaganza, creating a mesmerizing contrast that made her look like a walking work of art. To complement her vivacious ensemble, Kimoprah wisely chose silver accessories and a bag that glistened like stars in the night sky.

#5. Barely-there fab

Photo: @styleconneisseur/Instagram

Angel Obasi, a true master of style, unveiled a look that was subtly sensual and elegantly chic while being just a simple outfit. Her choice of a beige mini skirt beneath an unbuttoned off-white short-sleeve top was a testament to the fact that sometimes, less is more. This outfit exuded an understated sensuality that was powerful precisely because of its subtlety. It was as if she had whispered her elegance and the world had stopped to listen. Furthermore, her beaded bag and gold heels proved to be the final brushstrokes on a captivating portrait.

#6. Camouflage casuals

Photo: @hildabaci/Instagram

Nigerian celebrity chef, Hilda Baci was the embodiment of casual chic. Her outfit, an ode to comfort and trendiness, featured a black long-sleeve crop top and camouflage cargo pants — where edgy meets laid-back. Baci’s ensemble was a clear reminder that fashion doesn’t have to be extravagant to make a statement.

#7. Fun accessorizing

Photo: @oliviaarukwe/Instagram

Olivia Arukwe, a true maven of fashion innovation, was spotted wearing a white Zara blouse and Kadiju olive bottoms that ticked the right boxes. But all in all, her wide-brim straw hat and statement Loewe heels were the seal of this ensemble — a bold proclamation of her style narrative.


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