Mambo Dhuterere & Tatelicious

Zimbabwean Controversial music artist Mambo Dhuterere, was not only known for his thought provoking lyrics and beats, but many know the hitmaker as a no nonsense kind of person.

Speaking on an interview at NASHTV Zim. Mambo called out the transgender socialite and Human right activist, Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg, about a comment she made earlier regarding his (Mambo) track Zvinodzimba.

Tatelicious is known for her jokes and free speech. Mostly using her social media platform to speak out, comment, and endorse local artists. In an attempt to do so on Mambo latest track resulted in a drama and what can be described as a “misunderstood context” by Mambo and his family.

On one of her live Facebook shows, Tatelicious talked about the track Zvinodzimba, meaning heartbroken, she jokingly mentioned that Mambo was talking out of being heartbroken on the track, because he (Mambo) is heartbroken that Tatelicious isn’t a women. Tatelicious went ahead to claim that Mambo wished she (Tatelicious) is a woman, and would have loved to marry her. Basically the track, is a heartbroken song by Mambo on how he wished Tatelicious is a woman.

Tatelicious also went ahead to make jokes about her dream, in which she was welcomed by Mambo’s wife to their home, and concludingly saying she (Tatelicious) loves Mambo.

In a twist and ignorance, it sounded like Mambo and his family didn’t take the joke lightly, this might be as a result of ignorance or low self esteem on the side of Mambo. It can also be as a result of who made the comment. Mambo wouldn’t have reacted negatively if the comment came from an ordinary fan. Would Mambo reacted this way if the joke came out from another celebrity, or is it because it came out from a grangender Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg.

Most Fans believe insecurity and ignorance played a role on this drama. Mambo’s wife might be silent on this but clearly she might be the one fueling the fire from behind. In order to protect his marriage and please his wife obviously, Mambo went all out on his interview with NASH TV on how he loves his wife and he wont allow anyone or anything come between them.Which is completely out of the context based on the question at that moment.

Tatelicious is an icon followed by many zimbabweans home and abroad. everyone knows how she jokes and makes comments on issues at hand. When Tatelicious mentions you on her show, if people dont know you, they head straight to google or facebook to find out who she is talking about, and thats a fact. Most fans said they know about the track Zvinodzimba when Tatelicious mentioned it on her show.

Born 18 September 1991 in Harare Zimbabwe. Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg is a Sweden-based Zimbabwean socialite, Human Rights activist for LGBTIQ and HIV & AIDS issues and she is one of the first Zimbabwean transgender women to go public.

To Mambo Dhuterere: I LOVE YOU, is used and will be used by your fans to acknowledge your work, so get use to it.

To Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg: Girl keep doing what you do best and keep ya head up.


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