Lizzo Has Been Accused Of Body Shaming


t’s no longer news that Lizzo, the incredible pop sensation known for her killer tunes, mesmerizing dance moves, and whole-hearted support for body positivity, is facing some jaw-dropping accusations that seem totally out of character. Lizzo is accused of body shaming her dancers and is even getting tangled up in some claims of sexual harassment — a surprising contrast between what she always seems to represent.

It’s like a plot twist nobody saw coming in a crazy legal drama. One who built her career on body positivity being accused of body shaming her dancers is a headline-worthy attraction. While we don’t know if this is the “calling out culture” built to keep celebrities accountable for their actions or an attempt to extort the star and tarnish her image, all parties involved seem passionate about their stance. 

What’s the Lizzo controversy about?

On August 1, a lawsuit hit the headlines all thanks to Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez (three dancers who worked with Lizzo during her “Special” tour) against the singer and her production company, Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc. The star’s former dancers are pointing fingers alleging that she used her star power to push them into some seriously uncomfortable situations.

To begin with, the singer invited the said dancers to a nude performance club in Amsterdam, and they obliged for fear of losing their jobs. But it doesn’t end there. Lizzo is accused of pressuring one of her dancers to touch the breast of a naked performer at the club even when she was vocal about her desire not to. And if that wasn’t eyebrow-raising enough, there’s talk about Lizzo encouraging dancers to snack on bananas placed provocatively on unclothed performers. Plus, there’s the shocker where Lizzo supposedly forced one of her security team members to get undressed on stage where she hit him with whips. Wow! This is not the feel-good vibes we usually associate with the singer. And while we all thought this Lizzo controversy would die down, it seems to be accelerating with no thoughts of using the brakes. According to Ron Zambrano, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, six others have filed similar complaints against the star.

Body shaming by Lizzo?

Now here’s where things get even more tangled. We all know Lizzo is about embracing yourself and loving your body but accusations are trying to prove that she doesn’t practice what she preaches. Like a flip of the script, the singer is accused of making some not-so-nice comments about one dancer’s weight gain. And it wasn’t just those words, there were also concerns raised about this dancer’s performance. It’s like a double whammy of contradiction considering how Lizzo is all about smashing beauty standards and uplifting others.

Who is Quigley?

Shirlene Quigley is the dance team captain on Lizzo’s tour. This lawsuit isn’t just about Lizzo; it’s like a puzzle with many pieces because it brings up some heavy claims against Quigley too. The dance team captain is hit with accusations of religious harassment. She’s alleged to have talked non-stop about one dancer’s virginity, even mentioning it in interviews and social media posts. And if that wasn’t enough, dancers supposedly felt the pressure to join group Christian prayers no matter their own beliefs. Talk about adding extra drama to the dance routine.

Lizzo responds on Instagram

As expected, Lizzo is not taking these allegations lying down. She fired back on Instagram calling the accusations “unbelievable” and “outrageous.” In a fiery response, she emphasized her commitment to maintaining top-notch standards, and as someone who has faced body shaming before, she “has never shamed or criticized anyone’s body, let alone her employees.” But wait, there’s more as other former employees like Sophia Nahli Allison share stories about being treated with disrespect by Lizzo.

The music industry drama

Here’s the thing about this Lizzo controversy: it isn’t just about the artiste. The lawsuit shines a light on a bigger issue within the music world. It’s like a chorus of artistes facing off against their team members in court. Remember Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez? Yeah, they’ve been there too dealing with lawsuits that point fingers at them for different reasons. It’s as though these lawsuits are a call for more accountability within the industry. While some bitter individuals may want to rip off their former employers and cause them pain, good employees could be using this as a call to action and should be treated with respect and dignity.

Additionally, lawsuits like this aren’t just about legal battles. It’s got some psychological layers, too. The idea that people who’ve been hurt may inadvertently hurt others is not far-fetched. It’s like a chain reaction of pain that ripples through relationships and actions. It’s called the cycle of hurt. While it’s not psychologically surprising for someone like Lizzo to end up doing the exact things that were done to her in the past, we can’t lay any claims that she’s guilty until proven otherwise.

As the legal showdown unfolds, it serves as a reminder that even stars have their shadows. While the truth behind the allegations is still under a microscope, this is a wake-up call for everyone involved. As stated earlier, the lawsuit isn’t just about Lizzo as it’s got us all thinking about how our public personas align with our private actions. And as the music world tunes into this saga, this Lizzo controversy is a chance for the industry to hit the pause button, reevaluate norms, and step up the game in terms of transparency, empathy, and responsible conduct.

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