Kendall Jenner’s $160 Flats Have Been Cool for Half a Decade

When you scroll through Kendall Jenner‘s Instagram, you never really know what side of the supermodel and reality TV star you’ll get. One day, she’ll post a selfie dump from Paris, where her wardrobe’s been cycling between vintage Gaultier and head-to-toe The Row. The next, she’s in a bikini, de-capping glass bottles on a jetski and proving once and for all that she’s “built as an athlete.” Clearly, the eldest Jenner contains multitudes, and we love that for her.

But of all the Jenners we have the pleasure of digitally witnessing, the one I’m most attached to is the rustic one. The one who seems to ditch many of the luxuries in her life and opt for a simpler way of living—and in turn, dressing. Fortunately for me, this is the side Jenner just shared when posting a slideshow with the caption “peanuts and beer” on Thursday that featured her hiking in the mountains and chilling cabin-side in cargo pants, overalls, and my favorite, Birkenstock clogs. Known for being comfortable and cool—having been worn by everyone from Sienna Miller and Zoë Kravitz to Jennifer Lawrence and Mary-Kate Olsen—it’s no wonder that Jenner would grab for the nearly 50-year-old flat style during her outdoorsy travels, not to mention at home in Los Angeles, where she’s regularly spotted in the slip-ons

See her vacation photos and shop her go-to $160 Birkenstocks below. 

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