Is Hypochlorous Acid Good For The Skin?


re you planning to throw out some skincare products because they contain hypochlorous acid which is also found in bleach? Well, hold off on that panic mode because those skincare products are safe. Interestingly, your white blood cells also produce this weak acid. What you’re about to read will educate you about hypochlorous acid, why it’s in your skincare products (and bleach), and how it works wonders for your skin.

What is hypochlorous acid?

is hypochlorous good for skin
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As mentioned earlier, hypochlorous acid is a weak acid naturally found in your blood — white blood cells to be precise. It’s produced by your body as part of its defense mechanism against harmful invaders. Essentially, your body is a tiny chemical factory, creating this acid to help disinfect wounds and keep your internal systems safe.

What does hypochlorous acid do?

Hypochlorous acid is your body’s natural defense mechanism — like a liquid superhero patrolling your bloodstream. White blood cells produce it locally, and when your body detects a threat, it springs into action. Hypochlorous acid, which is a potent oxidizing agent, is released to disinfect the area, getting rid of bacteria, viruses, and intruders. It also aids in tissue repair, supporting your body’s natural healing processes.

Hypochlorous acid’s disinfectant properties extend beyond your body. This makes it a star ingredient in household bleach. In bleach, it serves as a formidable microbial terminator, effectively killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is used for household cleaning, laundry stain removal, and even water purification. There’s no doubt that hypochlorous acid is a versatile and potent cleaning agent.

How does it work for your skin?

Now, the exciting part for skincare enthusiasts. In super-diluted states, hypochlorous acid in skincare products creates magic on your skin. It’s a gentle yet effective disinfectant perfect for treating various skin issues like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. But how does it do this? Well, it helps kill off the nasty bacteria causing these problems, leaving your skin clearer and healthier.

Imagine hypochlorous acid as a tiny cleaning crew that comes to your skin’s rescue. It cleans up the mess, fights the bad guys (bacteria), and leaves your skin looking and feeling refreshed. Nice, right? You see, it’s not the bad guy here.

Which products contain hypochlorous acid?

You can find hypochlorous acid in a range of skincare products, from face mists and cleansers to acne removal creams and lotions. Hypochlorous acid is also part of the ingredients of eczema treatment lotions. This means it’s not only safe for your skin but also versatile enough to be part of your daily skincare routine.

Who can use hypochlorous acid?

This acid is safe for pretty much everyone. The quantity found in skincare products is perfectly safe, and although it’s gentle on your skin, it still packs a punch against common skin issues.

Whether you’re dealing with stubborn acne, sensitive skin, or just looking for a refreshing boost, hypochlorous acid is a skincare superhero you’ll want in your corner. It’s a friendly secret weapon your skin will thank you for.

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