Ice Cream First Dates Have Sparked Quite A Conversation


Is it just me or has anyone else ruminated about the noise of the Tinder ice cream date and is pondering why someone turned down a guy just because he suggested treating her to a delightful scoop as a first date? If you haven’t heard the story, check this out.

A post on Tinder (although it went viral on X, fka Twitter) sparked a debate when a 26-year-old lady turned down an ice cream first date, claiming it’s the bare minimum. Let’s break the ice on this frosty topic. (Pun intended).

What should a first date be like?

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First off, what should happen on a first date? An elaborate dinner, a thrilling adventure, or a casual ice cream outing? Well, here’s the scoop: first dates help both individuals get to know each other and vibe. Sometimes, it gets awkward, and an ice cream date could be the key to keeping it relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable. Rather than a fancy restaurant where you both have to worry about what to wear for a dinner date, ice cream dates can be more comfy and playful. A requirement for instant bonding, right? And what’s more delightful than sharing a laugh over a delicious cone of ice cream?

Ultimately, this boils down to people’s preferences. In the case of the 26-year-old above, it’s clear she isn’t into “ice cream dates,” and rather than troll her, it’s important to respect her wishes and understand she’s not your type of girl. It’s more honorable for her to be aware of herself enough to decline the date than force herself into an uncomfortable situation.

Realness vs. superficiality

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That aside, for people who love the “realness” and simplicity of an ice cream date, this might come off as rude and belittling. But I say to each her own. We live in a woke era, where we over-analyze everything. Right now, ice cream dates have become the bare minimum for some. And while I can’t say what the girl’s motive was, I recognize we live in a time where material things and a flashy lifestyle are ranked high. Some prefer the flex of going somewhere expensive and Instagrammable, perhaps, to provide something to brag about to friends and social media followers. In this case, an ice cream first date would clearly not cut it. But should a first date (or any for that matter) be a reason to earn bragging points?

Yes, I fancy ice cream first dates but that doesn’t mean I’m forcing my preference on others. I think it’s an opportunity to see your date in a playful light without the need for extra formalities that come with a fancy dinner or the uber-excitement of an adrenaline-packed activity. Heck, it makes them appear a bit vulnerable IMO.

Besides, ice cream parlors offer an array of flavors to suit every tastebud (unless you’re lactose intolerant) – just like the various personalities we encounter in the dating world. You like classic vanilla, they adore funky Oreo ice cream – and together, you create an unexpected harmony. It’s like finding the perfectly sweet match. Of course, this is a shallow way to decide on a partner but you can’t tell how life spins and what bonds people.

If you hate ice cream first dates, then…

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Okay, let’s add a little flexibility to this. Ice cream dates aren’t for everyone, and that’s cool. First dates should be about respecting each other’s comfort zones because we all have preferences. If you don’t want to go on an ice cream date, communicate respectfully with the other person and let them know your reasons. But shutting them off and turning them down so abruptly, that’s not cool. Finally, you both should find a substitute if the thought of ice cream doesn’t make your heart melt.

Best places for an ice cream date

Photo: Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

Here’s a list of some cool places in the United States to go for an ice cream first date. These parlors have a wide selection of flavors and charming ambiance, and it’s the ultimate spot for breaking the ice. (Pun intended again).

  • Amy’s Ice Cream (Austin, Texas)
  • Cool Moon Ice Cream (Portland, Oregon)
  • Salt & Straw (Portland, Oregon)
  • Molly Moon Ice Cream (Seattle)
  • McConnell’s (Santa Barbara, California)
  • Churn (Phoenix)
  • Sweet Action (Denver)
  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Kopp’s Frozen Custard (Greenfield, Wisconsin)

Whether ice cream dates are ideal for first dates depends on the individuals involved. It’s all about finding common ground, enjoying each other’s company, and embracing the quirks that make us unique. The next time you’re planning a simple first date, consider the humble ice cream parlor – a place where flavors mix, hearts connect, and delightful memories are made.

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