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or us ladies, handbags are a necessary accessory. They are not only useful but also a style compass. Designer handbags are particularly a favorite because of their superior craftsmanship and distinctive designs. Falsifiers have been making an effort to capitalize on the rising demand for luxury handbags. Recently, even rich women have been spotted with fake Birkin bags, knowingly or unknowingly. The counterfeit designer bags industry has become smarter, creating high-quality fakes, making it harder to spot the difference.

Purchasing a designer handbag is, in many ways, an investment. They are not only stunning and fashionable, but also expertly crafted using premium materials. Unlike knockoffs, which are poorly manufactured and will come apart after just a few uses, the real deals are made to last. When you purchase a genuine designer bag, you invest in a legacy of quality and fashion, not just purchasing a bag. If you aren’t swayed by this new fake bag craze (as you should), there are ways to know the fake from a distance.

Of course, it can be challenging to distinguish between authentic and imitation handbags. Even professionals might now fall for fake designer bags thanks to counterfeiters’ increasing skill. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. As a matter of fact, there are some warning indicators you can watch out for to ensure you’re getting the real stuff. In this article, I provide you with some hints and pointers that will enable you to spot a fake designer handbag a mile away. With the help of these suggestions, you can prevent being taken advantage of by counterfeiters while also saving money.

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#1. Uneven stitching or loose threads

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The stitching on an authentic handbag should be tight and even because they are produced with care and precision. A bag with loose threads may have been produced hastily or carelessly, which is not indicative of a high-quality bag. Additionally, there should be no jagged or crooked stitching; it should be uniformly straight. A detailed look at the stitching will enable you to identify a phony bag.

#2. Incorrect logo or branding

The improper logo or branding is a common error made by counterfeiters while branding their items. A genuine designer bag will flaunt the proper logo in the proper location, in the proper type, and with the proper design. It’s probably a fake if the logo appears slightly off. Therefore, knowing what to look for and being familiar with the brand’s emblem is crucial. The tag or label inside the bag should also reflect the regular design and caliber of the manufacturer. Another clue that a bag is phony is a poor or inaccurate tag.

#3. Use of low-quality materials

Genuine designer bags are crafted from premium materials like leather, suede, or canvas. Cheaper materials that feel and look false are frequently used in counterfeit bags. The zippers, clasps, and buckles on the bag should also be of high quality. Hardware that feels fragile is probably not authentic. In addition, the texture and feel of the bag should be uniform throughout. It’s probably not real if it feels like a composite of materials.

#4. Incorrect shape or size

Designer bags are painstakingly shaped and constructed to have a particular size and shape. The shape or size of fake bags is frequently varied, which can make them simple to identify. The proportions of the bag’s components, including the handles, pockets, and straps, should also match the original design. Anything that seems off is probably not the real thing.

#5. Smells like chemicals

A genuine designer bag will have the scent of the leather or canvas used in its construction. The chemical smell of a phony bag can be a dead giveaway. This is because many fake bags are produced from subpar materials that have undergone harsh chemical treatment. The bag is probably not authentic if it smells awful.

#6. Incomplete packaging

A quality dust bag, certificate of authenticity or care instructions will be included with a real designer bag, along with other premium packaging and documentation. The packaging for fake designer bags is frequently subpar or weak, and the paperwork may be absent or insufficient. To identify a fake, pay particular attention to the packing and accompanying paperwork.

#7. The pricing

Even though certain designer bags can cost a lot of money, they won’t be sold for a tiny fraction of their original price. A big warning sign is that counterfeit bags frequently have much cheaper prices than genuine articles. Aside from that, genuine designer handbags are rarely heavily discounted or on sale, so avoid any bargains that appear too good to be true.

Featured image: Trình Minh Thư/Unsplash

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