How to Remove Lash Extensions at Home


Squeeze a small amount of remover gel onto a disposable mascara brush or Q-tip and apply it to your lashes in a downward motion. Using a downward sweeping motion will help further prevent any remover gel from making contact with your eye. “Try to target where the extension glue is,” Hurkman says. “You want to really coat the remover gel over the glue so you only have to do this one time without any fuss.” Then, you have to play the waiting game for a bit. Let the gel remover sit for about three minutes (or longer depending on how long it takes to loosen your false lashes). 

Once the three or so minutes have passed, use another disposable mascara wand to comb through your lashes (or a fresh Q-tip). “Gently comb through and lightly wiggle the extension free from your lashline,” Hurkman explains. “The extensions should come right off.” At this point, you’ll want to rinse the solution off of your eye area with cold water before opening your eyelid to avoid any burning or stinging. 

The process sounds simple enough, but Hurkman’s number one tip? Patience. “Do not force any of the lashes to detach,” she says. “Being overly aggressive and not being patient with your lash extension removal can ruin your natural lashes and even your lash line for the future. It’s really important to be very gentle and take your time.” Even if that means you need to let the removal gel sit for a bit longer, you’ll thank yourself in the long run. 


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