How I cope with academic pressure


By Pedro Figueras

By Lindiwe

We all have started a new semester and we usually go through the motions of increased workload and some sort of pressure going around.
So, I would like to share my tips how I cope with academic pressure, and I hope you can share yours because I love hearing what keeps the community motivated and ready to work.

Planning ahead

Having a year planner is very important but having a semester plan is even more important. You should keep eye out for when the semester starts a semester plan and you can start planning around that, its very important to know when your due dates and tests are beforehand so that you can start preparing 3 weeks or 2 weeks in advance. Your academic preparations should always start three weeks or two before to avoid being overwhelmed and under pressure.

Do not fall behind

It is important not to fall behind, I know some days we deserve time off and that is perfectly okay but relaxing to the point of procrastination can affect your work ethic and momentum, take half day off and then catch up in the evening or alternatively you can start with your work early in the morning and then take the day off.
Always do tasks that you are supposed to do in that day
I recommend doing a to do list for this step, to remind you about lectures, after lecture tests, assignments, and days to start preparing for the tests. It will help with anxiety during the day as you will do what is expected from you.

Always ask for help

Some of us usually hate this step including myself but academically you cannot work in isolation, you need to find academic groups that can help, or you can set up consultations with the lecturers or the tutors, do any that you are comfortable with.

Reward yourself for finishing assignments or lecture notes

I use a reward system that can help me keep things in check and to also help me keep focused. After achieving the days tasks, reward yourself with your favourite movie, a walk, a phone call with friend, your favourite beverage, or your favourite foods.

Unwind whenever you get the chance

This is my most favourite part of the process, relaxing and unwinding! I usually take Saturday off in my schedule where I can catch on my social life and meet my loved ones, I use music to unwind, and I believe in music! I have my favourite celebratory playlists on JOOX that I use to celebrate a good week, I find my best songs on there and I can listen even when I have no data (we all know the data struggle!). Find an activity that helps you calm down and keeps you relaxed, like listening to music, dancing, yoga, anything that makes you happy!

Enjoy your favourite music on JOOX

Thank you for making it this far and I hope you can share your tips with me, I am always looking for ways to improve my academic life!


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