Get to Know Actress Chiara Aurelia, Gen Z’s Latest It Girl


Fortunately, Luckiest Girl Alive is poised to be another thrilling sensation. Jessica Knoll, the author of the best-selling 2015 mystery novel who Aurelia describes as a “close friend and a genius,” adapted the story for the big screen and put together an incredible cast (including Mila Kunis and Connie Britton) to bring it to life. Although Aurelia’s role has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, Knoll sang her praises in a late-summer Instagram post. “[Aurelia] blew us all away,” reads a caption of a photo of the two hugging below the neon sign of Fanelli Cafe in SoHo. “She captured her spunk, her wit, and her devastation. Oh god, I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve seen.” Hint: If you haven’t already read the book, here’s your chance. Then, feel free to wager which character Knoll is referring to—Aurelia’s lips remained sealed.

Based on her recent successes, Aurelia’s predilection for stories of a darker nature seems like a smart path to pursue. But it would be remiss to pigeonhole this young actress into the thriller genre or any genre for that matter. In fact, her dream role is an unexpectedly classic choice: Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz, a childhood favorite. “The Wizard of Oz was a huge touchstone for me when I was younger,” Aurelia explains. “It captured all of the things that I loved about the film industry. Plus the singing and dancing and incredible acting, it was so advanced for its time.” In fact, Aurelia and her friends still enjoy watching the 1939 movie together, despite the endless options available via today’s streaming services.


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