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We must agree that so much has changed this year. We have had our fair share of DIY beers and (dare I say it, basic) wine drinking but perhaps it’s time we consider the world of cocktails. To help you ease into the warmer months the correct way, here are some cocktails that I saw being made, that I need you to consider.

The scene created here is something we are all familiar with; love at first sight. The bright colors, fresh fruit and anticipated taste of the liquid journey is bound to draw you into the whirlpool of subtle but equally as welcoming flavors. With an organic mixture of earthy beetroot and egg white, it expresses its unexpected originality in the form of a classic pink drink.

A seductress mixed with tropical flavors of peach and granadilla, this exclusive mixture will leave a linger on all the sensory devices involved. The smell, alone, is somewhat intoxicating which is a good thing in my opinion if you intend to have a couple of these.

By far, the most pleasant thing about cocktails is their variety, a concept Carlos’ Cocktails happily embodies. Having started his business in the most unsuspecting way (a college project turned Type A passionate), founding mixologist Carlos decided to befriend YouTube and his favourite bars to see if what he was learning online and making at home, tasted the same as the industry standard he was consuming at bars you and I enjoy. Maybe even better.

If you have been fortunate enough to meet Carlos, you’ll almost automatically feel his passionate approach to people, service and his business. When I say there is a cocktail for everyone when he is around – I mean that literally. From the novice drinker who prefers not to have liquor lingering in their mouth, to the veteran looking to get the buzzed from the moment he steps in, Carlos’ selection of (on occasion, custom made) cocktails can only be experienced as the ribbon that ties a successful event together.

With the country’s father being generous enough to let liquor stores open 5 days a week now, I would highly recommend rounding your friends up, tuning into the detailed and often entertaining CC Instagram Live and having a go at making a pretty drink of you own – just bear in mind that it is not as easy as it looks!

Sidenote: After Carlos came by, I tried to recreate a gin and tonic he had made, but I had more gin and ice than anything else. Was I choking every now and then? Of course – without a doubt. Did my drink look pretty? Absolutely. Did I finish the drink and try again? I most certainly did – Carlos’ experience is synonymous with satisfaction, and that, it definitely was.



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