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I opened my very first bank account when I was 16. I don’t want to lie and say Capitec was my first choice, because it wasn’t – but it definitely has grown to be my only choice with personal banking.

As a teen, I was naturally drawn to the bank my mom was using, but after multiple trips to and fro with them, I decided on being too young for the drama and needed to find a place that understood that.

Tears, birth certificate and tons of anger in tow, I walked home, and I decided against a bank account that day. I’d try again tomorrow, this time, considering all my options.

If you’re familiar with the Table View area, you’ll know that the Capitec branch there is very difficult to miss. It’s big, bright and always has people buzzing in and out. I took that as an indication of quick service (because remember, I’m coming from a slow service situation that would eventually decline my attempt at adulting).

I walked in, stated my intentions and was given a number to hold onto. Let’s call this number, for figurative impact, hope. I was given hope to hold onto (?).

My intentions were well received because I stepped out of Capitec with my bank account set up and my phone syched to my app. That was 10 years ago and it is yet to be unsynched.

Each update has come at a pivotal time in my life which has given me the impression that I’m in a loving relationship with my bank. The current one, has Track money features which let’s me see, according to color coding or categories, how much I have spent on what – which is never a bad idea to look into as a young adult. I don’t know who needs to hear this but spending money on food is still spending money.

There is also the biometric option to enter my app which is beautiful because sometimes typing is not always an available option when you need to transact quickly or worse, you’ve forgotten your pin. It plays more of a safety role, I know, but this is what I like about it because these happen to me often. I move around alot.

From being able to customize the dashboard, to looking at the history of transactions I’ve made to my sister, going into a bank branch really would only be because I’ve been a customer of the Table View branch for so long, I’m actually friends with 1 or 2 of the consultants.

Consider updating your app or better yet, trying out a personal account to get the full experience. Sometimes it is good, and it is true.


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