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I like moving.

Sounds strange, I know. But it’s just one of those things I enjoy and have no real reason as to why.

The process of viewing makings me think about my possibilities once my budget is bigger, talking to different owners and agents makes me consider what I want my landlord to be like (and what kind of landlord I want to be one day), and the most amazing part, decluttering (and finding lost things) through the packing process.

I moved from my moms home to a flat that I shared with an amazing flatmate for a year, and recently moved into my place alone – daunting. But here’s what made it easy, and fun:

1. Whenever possible, deal with the owner

Agents are doing their job, which we ought to understand but sometimes, their job doesn’t involve what’s best for you. Make an effort to find properties that are being leased by the owner, and the additional effort to be as honest as possible about who you are when you meet with them.

See, their investment, is your home, and both of you are putting money behind it. Sure, your reason is short-term and theirs is more long term, but the point is when maintenance bills hit, everyone’s money will be taken and that’s not the vibe you’re looking for.

By meeting with the owner, you get a feel of the person you are meant to go to when things go wrong, and the room for negotiation is much wider if you hit it off.

2. Take the snag list seriously

The excitement of moving often warrants that we forgot to look at the details in the moment. While that is okay, sometimes it might come back to bite you in the wallet. When the keys are being handed over, be thorough with the checks and beyond. Run the raps, test the lights, swing the doors and peep the floors. If you’re unsure of anything here, see point 1.

3. Measure your couches

Sounds weird, but if you live on the 9th floor, it’s something you might want to consider. There is nothing (for now) more dissapointing that buying an L-shaped couch, only to find that they’ve brought it all the way up and it doesn’t fit through your door.

Sure, you could just bring it up from the balcony but that would need body corporate approval and that takes a cool week, so what’s gonna happen now?

LOL, let me tell you. I now have the small L part of the couch in my apartment and the long part, at my mom’s place. Am I heartbroken? A little. But you see, I’m short(ish) so it’s a heartbreak I can come back from. But this wouldn’t have happened if I’d listened to my brother when he said ‘bro, are you sure about this size?’. Sometimes it makes sense to listen to men. Sometimes.

Don’t let moving into a new place stress you. It’s an experience that’s supposed to be pleasant because you’re going to live there. That’s your retreat when you’re tired of galavanting so if it’s filled with motions and moments you don’t like, let it go. Cut it. Cima. At the end of the day, you are paying for it.


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