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It’s no secret that I enjoy picnics. Enjoy, is the word I use to mask my obsession with the concept. If I were to be truly expressive, I’d say I am enthusiastically in love with the idea of picnics.

The warmth of the freshly produced sun rays of a new day, crisp outdoor air, vast space to laugh as hard as your belly will allow and great company. Surely this is a vibe – surely.

So while I may have hosted a picnic because the weather basically demanded it, I had an agenda of my own too. I wanted to introduce 3 special guests to my mates.

See, in order to tie this picture together, the correct beverage is important (or so they say. I’m yet to find out who ‘they’ are). Something light enough to welcome the summer mood, but heavy enough to push away mild inhabitions so new friendships can be solidified.

Allow me to introduce my 3 guests:

Natural sweet Rose: The one who whispers sweet delight as she introduces her touches of strawberry and candyfloss with every (literally every). Her blushed pink color implies that she could be quite dominant but chooses to be smooth, and delicate.

Natual sweet white brings the fresh and fruity explosion to the party. Light on the palette and easy to pair with a variety of chocolate, cheeses or fruits, this one was my personal favorite.

and Natural sweet Red: Oeh, she’s.. she’s beautiful. From the very first sip, an impression is made. If the perfunctory romance doesn’t capture you first, her combination of blackcurrant and raspberry decadence will surely make an impression. In hindsight, she makes a great candidate for summer sangria’s.

So set the scene by securing a good day with great weather. Toss out the pretentious garden bench in exchange for an intimate picnic blanket with tassles and gather your charcuterie skills with an assortment of meats, cheese, fruits and carbs. Packaged in a shape that replicates a handbag, the least of your worries will be full hands and awkward arrivals. Not only will you arrive in style and elegance, but you’ll look good doing it too.

Shine club is about bringing people together to share in a sparkle that we all have inside of us, and what better way that to wine and shine?


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