Detailed Collars Are A Must Try Fashion Trend This Season


S everal stylish influencers have been seen frolicking around with detailed collars and considering the variety of ways you can wear them this 2021, you might need to hit refresh button on your wardrobe. The detailed collar fashion trend has a quaint edge and has so fabulously brought the neckline to the limelight as a major fashion statement.

The best way to wear this trend is to add it to a basic dress or sweater as a statement piece and watch the ensemble come alive. In a very surprising turn of events, many have attributed the rise of the detailed collars to the pandemic. The increased zoom meetings and the need to slay from the waist up emphasized it in more ways than one. 

Another reason why detailed collars have been fully embraced right now is probably because most people are really just trying to turn back the hands of time so they could revisit the past. This has led to the comeback of both major and micro vintage trends.

Check out 6 ways to hop on the detailed collars trend like a true style star…

1. A full vintage look

Vintage is unapologetically back and there’s no better way to communicate this than with a detailed collar. It’s the way it makes the 1980s look so 2021 that proves this trend is relevant season after season. Whether you rock yours in skirts or pants, every look is equally as stylish.  

2. Detailed collars X denim

In the fashion rule book, denim can commit no crime. It’s how it remains stylish at every point in time that makes it claim a spot in the fashion hall of fame. Looking for an edgy way to wear your denim? Pair them with detailed collars for an instant appeal. 

3. The layered look

If you’re the kinda girl who loves her layers, then incorporate your detailed collars into a layer for the win. The great thing about layers is how you can play with various textures and colors and make them look like they were made for each other. Go on, layer away. 

4. A classic dress 

Detailed collar can transform even the simplest dress into an instant slay specimen. What’s even more exciting is that you don’t need to think too much about combining as the right dress hardly needs assistance. However, do ensure you accessorize to win. 

5. The deep V

This variation of detailed collar trend sets the bar for sexy. It boasts a deep V neck which falls stylishly across the sides to reveal interesting sleeves. This chic look is perfect for a wedding, red carpet, or cocktail events. 

6. Workwear ready

Of course, this trend also plays right into the workwear mode as well as it works for casual. This could be because the detailed collar is really conservative so you don’t need to worry about your boobs stealing the spotlight. To take it a notch higher, you can pair with uber-stylish work pants. Time to stun that board meeting. 


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