Denim Skirts: 12 Style Inspirations From Our Style Stars


Unless you are living somewhere in outer space, there’s no way you wouldn’t be familiar with denim. Popularly known as jeans, the fabric happens to be one of the most common clothing materials, maybe right after cotton and rayon. Whether in pants, skirts, jackets or jumpsuits, denim is beloved by celebs and style influencers alike. Not surprisingly, this season has witnessed denim skirts take on a whole new vibe and we’re so loving it.

From major runways to the fashion streets and social media, we’re seeing denim skirt outfits in all shapes and sizes. Think mini, midi, plus size and knee length, there’s enough variation to serve a wide taste pallette. That is to say no matter the kind of style girl you are, you’ll certainly come across a denim skirt that floats your boat. In addition, this trend is so versatile there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t take a spin on it. While you could go all fall ready with a layered look played up with denim skirt, another can go the minimalist route and it’ll still be a hit. Surely, you’ll agree with me that sitting on the fence when it comes to this look is a serous fashion mistake!

Finally, this look isn’t just comfortable and chic, but also fits the female form nicely. In order words, regardless of your physique the right option will flatter your frame. Don’t take my word alone for it, see how some uber stylish fashionistas are doing justice to denim skirts.

Get inspired by your fave style influencer’s spin on timeless denim skirts… 

#1. Mini denim skirts

Every girl needs a closet teeming with mini skirts for those days she unapologetically wants to flaunt her legs. So why not own a couple in denim? Of course, you can decide how short you’d like to go however, do consider your daily activities when opting for shorter lengths. You don’t want to end up pulling the sides with each step you take, hoping it doesn’t reveal your underwear. In addition, a rule of thumb when going micro is to keep a scarf handy. This is to cover your thighs when you sit.




#2. Midi denim skirts

There’s a certain appeal mid-length skirts exude. Maybe it’s because midi skirts are a sweet pot between mini and maxi that makes it top of my list. I particularly love them because they are stylish yet functional as they wouldn’t hinder your activities through out the day. Whether you’ll be running errands, catching meetings, or grabbing a coffee, these skirts hold you down all day. Grab a couple in denim for that elevated casual vibe.





#3. High waist denim skirts

Rihanna, Beyoncé, and a host of other celebs have all been caught in a high waisted denim skirt. This option is undoubtedly feminine and it frames your lady curves. However, it all depends on the variation you’ll be opting for. Whether in fitted or flayed options, there’s one with your name on it. Plus, they can be paired with anything from T-shirts, to camisoles, jackets and onesies. Isn’t that a welcome bonus?

#4. Asymmetric denim skirts

There’s no denying the edgy vibe asymmetric denim skirts command. If you’re one to make an unexpected style statement, then, I can certainly see you doing this look well. When pairing this option, ensure to keep the rest off your ensemble subtle and let the skirt do more of the talking. Trust me, it’s better that way as you don’t want to come off looking too busy.

#5. Skater denim skirts

Skater skirts are flirty and when you get them in denim, it’s a whole different game. While they can be paired with almost everything, thee seems to be a trend of working them into an off-the-shoulder top or turtle necks. The latter gives it a more refined look and the before commands a boho-chic vibe. The choice is yours.

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