Blokecore Style Aesthetic Is The Hot Trend We’re Boarding


rom shells and corals in Mermaidcore to minimalism and neutrals in the Vanilla Girl aesthetic, fashion trends have taken various forms. But now, cue in Blokecore style — a rebellious departure from conventional women’s style. Born from the passion of TikToker Brandon Huntley, Blokecore is the ultimate fusion of sporty and chic. Think bootcut jeans, football jerseys, vintage tees, and sneakers all meticulously curated for the fashion-forward game-changers. It’s not just about supporting your favorite football club (if you have one); it’s about adopting a fun level of style.

A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Hailey Beiber, Bella Hadid, and Rihanna have hopped on board the Blokecore bandwagon, and consequently, reinvented athleisure fashion. With their stamp of approval, it’s clear that this relaxed and laid-back aesthetic is here to stay.

How to rock the Blokecore style trend like a pro…

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With its favoritism for sports-jersey-inspired takes, Blokecore’s appeal lies in the fact that anyone can rock it, whether or not they are ardent sports fans. It involves adopting a carefree mannerism that radiates coolness. Here’s how to latch on the trend without missing the ball.

#1. Cool bottoms

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The first thing you need are bottoms that fit comfortably and casually, such as low-cut jeans or track pants, or skirts. These pieces lay the groundwork for your Blokecore outfit. You can even try out cargo pants or sports shorts for a more summery look. The secret is to put comfort first without sacrificing style.

#2. Upbeat tops

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Whether oversized jerseys, sports jackets, or vintage t-shirts, these are your go-to options to make a home run with the trend. The Blokecore style is incomplete without these tops, especially jerseys. Plus, you can wear the oversize jerseys as a dress if you’re feeling frisky.

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These pieces capture the essence of Blokecore and give your outfit that sporty edge. Rock a football jersey with your favorite team’s logo or throw on a vintage tee with a retro vibe. Layering with a hoodie or a sports jacket adds depth and dimension to your ensemble, perfect for those cooler days.

#3. Comfy shoes

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Your Blokecore look should be completed with the right shoes, and the pinnacle is sneakers. Whether you like simple white sneakers or striking statement options, they are the perfect match for this aesthetic. But don’t be hesitant to try new things and disrupt the mold. Consider wearing heels with your Blokecore outfits for a distinctive fusion of femininity and sportiness.

#4. Practical bags

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Bags can do a lot for this aesthetic. For instance, crossbody or shoulder bags with athletic-inspired designs, impressive hues, or both add functionality and style. You can also try on waist purses if you prefer a hands-off approach.

#5. Edgy accessories

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The more accessories, the merrier the execution. Don’t forget to step out with chic sunglasses, statement watches, and hats, especially baseball, to up the style ante and deliver a strong message.

Comfort or just a trend?

Photo: @kimkardashian/Instagram

The Blokecore fashion aesthetic has gained popularity for so many reasons. It offers a departure from traditional feminine styles, allowing women to express their unique personalities and interests. The emphasis on comfort is a breath of fresh air in the fashion world, empowering people to prioritize ease and functionality without giving up their fashion sense.


In addition, the Blokecore style supports football and sports culture. People openly display their devotion to their preferred teams and players by incorporating vintage athletic clothing and football jerseys into their wardrobes. Its tremendous popularity is a result of the sense of community and camaraderie this blend of fashion and sports produces among devotees. However, if you’ve never been interested in sports, it’s fine. You can join the bandwagon as well.

Finally, the Blokecore style trend is a modern and inclusive approach to fashion. It encourages self-expression, celebrates comfort, and allows women to demonstrate their passion for sports in a stylish and trendy manner. No doubt, it offers a unique and refreshing aesthetic that is here to stay.

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