Black-Owned Luxury Brands You Need For Soft Life Living


lack-owned luxury brands of fashion, beauty, fragrance, and home decor are creating a new narrative weaving its way into the spotlight. Though they might not have always occupied the mainstream spotlight, recent years have seen them grow steadily across the world. These brands embody resilience, creativity, and a unique perspective that’s reshaping the landscape.

While we’ve often been charmed by the allure of familiar names, the emergence of these black-owned gems is a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence. They aren’t just catching up; they’re carving their path and thriving in the marketplace. From fashion-forward apparel to exquisite jewelry, each brand tells a story of perseverance, ingenuity, and commitment to crafting products that resonate.

The power of your choice

Beyond the allure of aesthetics, supporting black-owned luxury brands is an investment in change. It’s about fostering an environment where diverse voices find a platform. By choosing these brands, you’re not just making a purchase, you’re joining a movement that celebrates inclusivity and empowers underrepresented entrepreneurs.

This curation was pretty hard to make due to the high number of outstanding black-owned brands. Yet, we selected these few so that in each one, the entire community can find their voice. The brands mentioned here encapsulate a unique essence, a fusion of comfort and elegance that resonates with the soul.

Check out 7 Black-owned luxury brands that speak soft life in different languages…

#1. Savage X Fenty

Unleash your inner goddess with Savage X Fenty. Owned by Rihanna, this brand doesn’t just produce lingerie; it crafts a luxurious experience. Recently, Savage X Fenty introduced a thoughtful selection of maternity bras, cozy loungewear, cotton undies, boxer briefs, bodysuits, yoga pants, and bra tops, stretching its hands to accommodate different seasons of our lives. The brand invites you to celebrate your sensuality with style and confidence.

#2. Lisou London

Step into a world of vibrant prints and bold hues with Lisou London. Rene McDonald‘s brainchild captures the spirit of individuality through stunning dresses, jumpsuits, and two-piece sets. With Lisou, you’re not just wearing clothes; you’re wearing art.


#3. Mateo New York

Matthew Harris‘ luxury jewelry brand, Mateo New York, speaks the language of timeless jewelry with delicate bead necklaces, pearl chokers, statement-making earrings, medallions, signet rings, and much more. Each piece is a masterpiece of refined craftsmanship ready to grace any occasion.


#4. Fe Noel

Effortless elegance finds a home at Fe Noel. Felisha “Fe” Noel‘s designs, from breezy swimwear to luxurious dresses, capture the essence of carefree sophistication. Every piece exudes confidence and grace and is perfect for the woman who intends to steal attention without trying.


#5. Andrea Iyamah

Truth be told, Andrea Iyamah‘s creations are a harmonious symphony of charm. She’s one of the Black-owned luxury brands that don’t “hustle” for attention but allows her designs to make the announcement. The brand embodies the warmth of sunny days and beachy escapes, making every day feel like a vacation. It produces swimwear, cozy two-pieces, handbags, and summer slides. But recently, it began producing luxury heeled sandals, widening its offering to the delight of style stars.


#6. Chelsea Paris

Theresa Ebagua‘s Chelsea Paris brand is an ode to poise, producing an impressive range of footwear for the girl who loves to break necks. From boots to strappy heels, platform shoes to relaxed slides, and pumps, any girl will definitely find more than enough items to take her breath away. Chelsea Paris doesn’t create mere shoes, it produces your companions in confidently striding through life’s adventures.


#7. Telfar

If you seek a handbag you can trust, think Telfar. Telfar Clemens has made it a mission to create top-quality handbags, designed as an avenue to express yourself. Encompassing a wide range of sizes and forms — from top-handle bags to purses and travel companions, Telfar invites you to carry your narrative with pride. No doubt, each piece reflects a journey of individuality and exploration.


In this world of black-owned luxury brands, your choices are a vote for change. As you explore the offerings of these remarkable entrepreneurs, you’re not just indulging in aesthetics; you’re advocating for inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and weaving your own story into the fabric of these brands’ legacies. Here is to supporting this hardworking and resilient Black community!

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