Best Weekend Fashion Looks For Every Stylish Woman This Season


Fashion has never been about clothes alone, it’s a concept that produces emotions and feeds us a compelling imagery which in turn leaves a sort of fulfillment. With every new season comes a different take on fashion and style, and this season has left us short for words. It’s the unprecedented way celebs and influencers alike are reining in their creativity when it comes to fashion that has us praying this season never comes to an end. Weekend fashion looks.

While we were all busy over the weekend, some of our favorite people on the planet were out and about shaking up what it means to serve weekend fashion looks. Whether it was casual chic or girly sporty, there was certainly no shortage of style inspirations you can pick a thing or two from. However, as with most things in life, the key to fashionable success is to be intentional. That is to say decide the look you’re among for and opt for pieces that not only convey that vibe, but also flatters your body. This my dear, is the true meaning of style.

Check out 5 weekend fashion inspirations from our certified style stars…

#1. Casual chic

There’s something refreshing about a casual yet chic ensemble. It’s they way it gives off the easy-breezy vibe as though not a single effort was put into making it look beautiful. Of course, even more exciting is the fact that this ensemble can be worn to most weekend engagements. How’s that for versatile?


weekend fashion look



#2. Girly sporty

If you’re a girl who loves a sporty look, this inspiration is for you. This season, sporty has taken on an impressive vibe and has gone beyond sneakers and tracks. Go the sporty route in a whether in short skirts, pants, or the famed tracks. Of course you can take this a notch higher by incorporating timeless accessories like a scarf into the look.  

However, weekend fashion look



#3. Simply elegant

Elegance will always be trendy in fashion and simplicity will always be stylish. Put these two together and you have a weekend fashion look that’s simply elegant. (Pun intended). Show up in a delicate dress or stylish combo and be the subject of a fashion convo all week. 

Certainly, a weekend fashion look



#4. Boyish babe

This swag is always exciting to see, but only when it’s done right. Because the boyish babe vibe can certainly go from 100 to 4 real quick, you have to bear one thing in mind: dressing boyish doesn’t mean looking like a boy. It simply means to opt for pieces that are cool and comfortable. Think comfy pants and shorts, relaxing shirts and the likes.  

However, we are still on weekend fashion looks



#5. Coyish sexy

When coyish sexy is the goal, it means you’re going for a sexy vibe, but without revealing too much. Of course, a skin peeking out here and there is certainly welcome, that doesn’t mean you’re bringing all your girls out to play. Whether you’re going for slits or a crop top, ensure you show enough to spike the imagination but not too much to appear thirsty. 

Thus, we are super excited about weekend fashion looks.



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