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What could be more indulgent that going to sleep and waking up in your favourite cozy spot? That for me is of course, my bedroom! I’ve spent some time picking up pieces here and there to transform it from “just a sleep space” into my little piece of heaven.

For the most part, my bedroom colour palette has always revolved around grey and white. I especially love grey, as it’s masculine enough for the hubby and elegant enough for my taste. But then sometimes, it’s nice to bring out the girly-girl with the slightest touch of a feminine shade, which I’ve done with the addition of these organic cotton pillowcases – in the most gorgeous shade of muted pink called “rust red”.

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I would have loved to get this shade for my duvet as well or even the sheets, but with my bed size, finding the colour I want, in the fabric I want (I only ever buy cotton or pure linen for my bedding – no polyester please), it’s not always easy. Even my rust-red pillow cases, which I managed to nab from H&M Home, were the last ones left in this size.

The piece that got this whole decor theme going was my Macrame wall hanging. It was my first project when I got into macrame and while I still love it, I have plans to create a grander piece; one with a more whimsical feel, using heavier textures and more intricate patterns, but we will get there – one day! As will finally finding (or building) a headboard that I’m in love with. For now, I haven’t found the one that really speaks to me, so I will wait until that day comes.

For my bedroom, I really wanted to create a calm and peaceful sanctuary. I wanted it to have a bohemian minimalist feel with an emphasis on texture and using muted colours that work in harmony to create that calming space.

Texture plays a big part when it comes to decorating throughout my home and I love adding bits of texture, layers and patterns that come together to reflect my personal taste.

In my bedroom, texture comes into play with my macrame wall hanging, which works so well with my smaller pillows on the bed. I love the woven texture of these creamy pillows, and the tasseled edges work really well with the cotton threads of my macrame art.

I also added blankets and throws, which are all in pure and natural fabrics because they add that extra indulgence, but being natural fabrics, they offer far superior insulation and longevity.

Sometimes I feel like my bedroom is a modern version of those in  Game of Thrones or Vikings, but hey, I’d love a bedroom cozied up with thick (and warm) sheepskins, any day!

Tiled floors are cold, especially  in winter – and it’s these icy Jozi winters that make me really miss my house in Durban, with its beautiful parquet floors, so to add some coziness to the floor, I have two knotted wool rugs at our bedsides and my bigger rug (that you see in the pic above) is a “real-deal” Flokati carpet.

As a proud Greek, it is my duty to enlighten you on what a Flokati actually is, since I’ve seen the word thrown around commercially… Believe it or not, “Flokati” doesn’t mean “random fluffy carpet.”

The term Flokati was created by the Greek Ministries of Finance and used to describe a very specific kind of wool rug. To be called a “Flokati” it would need to be handwoven in Greece and made from 100% wool (with at least 1800 grams of wool per meter). A Flokati is not, merely a “shaggy rug” and it certainly has no polyester content to it! With that in mind, there are a lot outlets selling polyester rugs and calling them “Flokati.” So if you want one, do your research and check the labels. If it’s not made from 100% wool and it’s not made in Greece, it’s not a Flokati, it’s just a shaggy rug ok?

Being a 100% natural wool product, a Flokati doesn’t come cheap. Why would it? Persian rugs (and I’m talking about the real deal rugs from Iran here), are also very expensive and probably for similar reasons; that they are 100% wool and handwoven, which adds to their price tag. But like real Persian carpets, Flokati carpets and rugs are glorious and a treat for your feet.

With a flokati, the fluffier it is, the denser the pile so the more expensive the rug. Ideally, the one I would have chosen would have been super plush, but sadly my bank balance wasn’t as well insulated, so I went for the best one I could afford. It’s not Fluffy AF, but it is still a beaut! When I visit Greece again, I’ll get the fluffiest Flokati in town!

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