A Cry For Help: Save a life

Future seems dark for 40 years old Bright , cries for help Life they say begins at forty but for Bright Benson his life may be heading for the end unless miracle happens.Looking so pale, almost loosing his breath, he cries for help and asks God for mercy as the watch thick’s faster and uncertainty seems to be the fate of his wife and lovely children.

Investigation revealed that the total cost of his proposed surgery is put at $30,000. This figure is way too much for the young family as they have spent all their savings in a bid to keep Bright alive.Bright Benson is a 40 yrs old father of two who stays in Ogba, a suburb in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is a young man who is full of life, hardworking and kind. It was learnt that he neither smokes nor drinks and goes about his daily business with lots of hope for a better future for his family.

But sometimes in May, 2020 tragedy struck. The once lively Mr. Benson became sick. He was diagnosed for malaria and typhoid fever based on his symptoms. However, despite various treatments, his ailments persisted and became severe. He started losing weight, belly protruding among other symptoms. He was then taken to the hospital for total check up where he was diagnosed of Lymphoma cancer. This has led to failure of his bone marrow and liver anomalies. He started bleeding from underneath his skin and was admitted at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital.His condition has since deteriorated and worsened by his family’s inability to foot his treatment bills. Doctors also could not proceed with chemotherapy treatment needed to get Benson back on his feet.Now, Benson is a shadow of himself battling his life with hope that he can someday return home to his children and wife. Your $1 Donation can save his life.

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