5 Fresh Ways To Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a staple accessory in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Valley Magazine notes that, aside from protecting your eyes, they come in so many stylish variants that they can be worn with practically any look. Although we’ve come to love several sunglasses over the years, there’s one we can’t get enough of: Ray-Ban’s Aviators. These first gained fame when General Douglas MacArthur was pictured wearing a pair as he landed on a beach in the Philippines during World War II. Ways To Style Aviator Sunglasses

Though these sunglasses were popularized by Ray-Ban so long ago, they remain en vogue thanks to their iconic and instantly recognizable design. The teardrop shape is also unisex, catering to a plethora of personal styles. Additionally, Ray-Ban regularly comes up with new versions of Aviators in a slew of colors, lenses, and features that people flock to. Since Aviator sunglasses are so famous, you may be thinking of ways to stand out from the crowd when styling yours. Luckily for you, there are many fresh ways to style them, and we’ve curated a few below.

Here are 5 ways to style classic aviator sunglasses…

#1. Wear it with an athleisure outfit

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Athleisure is a hybrid style of athletic clothing typically worn as everyday wear. You can wear classic Aviators with an athleisure outfit, such as a t-shirt or tank top with joggers and running shoes. The innovative Aviator folding sunglasses are an excellent match for athleisure. Its foldable feature complements your sporty look and communicates that you’re laid back, but also ready for action. After all, you can easily keep these portable sunglasses in their case or your pocket so they’re ready whenever you need them. Wearing athleisure with your Aviators tones down its high-end look but in a good way.

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#2. Pair it with a retro look

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People have been wearing Aviators since the ’40s and that makes them perfect for a retro look. We’re talking about fits that leverage high-waisted bottoms, cuffed jeans, oversized tops, and warm retro colors like browns, oranges, and yellows. You can also try wearing patterned scarves to add a touch of sass to your look.

To complete your outfit, you can opt for Aviators with amber or clear lenses and gold trim. This gives off an old-school vibe and complements the warm color palette of your vintage look. When you dress this way, the timelessness of Aviators will show off how similarly evergreen your own style is.

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#3. Flaunt your inner pilot

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Aviators were initially made for pilots. The large lenses covered most of their eye area, protecting them from the sun’s glare. Thus, you’ll never go wrong with flaunting your Aviators with a pilot-like style. You can wear a dark leather aviator jacket, typically lined with faux fur or sherpa fabric that sometimes peeks out at the collar or cuffs, with dark jeans and boots. Opt for the classic Aviators with black lenses to keep the dark theme, or choose the options with a mirror lens for a modern twist on the Aviator’s classic color palette. Either way, this style will make you feel like you own the Aviator look.

#4. Go for a mysterious and enigmatic vibe

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Sunglasses can make you look mysterious because they hide your eyes. This is why Anna Wintour wears dark sunglasses—so people don’t know what she’s thinking about. You can replicate an enigmatic vibe by dressing in dark colors like maroons, deep violets, charcoals, and black. This can make you look cool and mysterious, especially when you wear Aviators with similarly dark lenses that completely hide your eyes. They don’t necessarily have to be black—you can pick a dark gray or green option, as long as the lenses are completely opaque. Once you’re done, you might even feel like a character from a mystery book!

#5. Opt for a minimalist style

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You’ll never go wrong with a minimalist look. There’s beauty in simplicity when dressing in plain clothes with a similar color palette since it leaves others to look at your notable features, like your hands or lips. It also gives you more leeway to draw attention to your accessories, like sunglasses. The Aviators from Ray-Ban’s Reverse range can perfectly complement your minimalist clothes. It features concave lenses that redefine style while maintaining its iconic look. Making your sunglasses the center of attention can enhance the uniqueness of your overall outfit.

There’s no doubt that Aviators are classic sunglasses as they’ve been popular and functional for decades. Despite this, there are fresh ways to wear this iconic pair that complement changing trends and personal styles. Ways To Style Aviator Sunglasses

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