29 Stunning Nude Lipstick Shades For Black Women

Nude lipstick is inarguably one of the most trusted lipstick shades ever to grace the beauty world. From celebrities to beauty influencers and the girl next door, everyone agrees on its dynamic ability to blend with every season, beauty trend, and ensemble. What’s more, nude lipsticks come in a plethora of shades to suit every skin tone and preference.

Sometimes, the challenge many women face when picking the right nude lipstick is knowing which best suits their skin tone. While trying on the lipstick is the easiest way to decide which shade works best for you, that may not be feasible in some instances. For example, if you’re shopping online, testing the color against your skin is not really possible. Another tried and trusted route to explore is to see what works for others. That is to say, if you spot a nude lipstick shade on a celeb or influencer whose skin tone best matches yours, chances are that shade will look good on you, too.

But what if that method doesn’t seem to work for you? According to the beauty publication Be Beautiful, “People with very fair skin tones should go for lighter shades of nude. People having neutral or slightly darker complexions should go for peach-based nude tones. People having dark or brown skin complexion should opt for brown shades of nude lipsticks.” It is also important to opt for shades that have a warm undertone that mimics your own. Furthermore, avoid shades that are lighter than your skin tone. Having said that, here are 18 inspiring nude lipstick looks that are both elegant and timeless and some beauty tips you will find helpful. You’re welcome.

Check out 28 inspiring nude lipstick looks you should consider for your next slay…

Beauty tip: Use a pop of color like blue to add a touch of vibrancy to your look. Take it up a notch with a hint of shimmer as this pairs nicely with your nude lipstick.

Beauty tip: Nude lipsticks marry correctly with smokey eyes. When heading for a night out with the girls, play the smokey card and balance the fierceness of your eyes with nude lips.

Beauty tip: Nude lipstick pairs well with metallic eyeshadow regardless of the shade. Take a cue from Janet Jackson and opt for silver metallic eyeshadow in cut-crease style and your right shade of lipstick.

Beauty tip: If your ensemble features a ton of embellishments, why not tie it all nicely together with a nude lippie? Playing the subtle route on your lips ensures that the drama still looks good without being imposing.

Beauty tip: Considering that various nude lipstick shades fare well when complemented with color, incorporate some color into your face beat with vibrant eyes.

Beauty tip: While matte lipsticks seem to have taken center stage in the beauty scene, there is still more than enough room for some gloss. Therefore, feel free to max your nude pout game by finishing with some good ‘ol gloss.

Beauty tip: If you’re in for some creative fun, pair two nude lipstick shades to create a unique look. Just like Sabrina Elba, put the darker shade around the outer corners of your lips while the lighter shade should grace the center of the party. Amazing!

Beauty tip: Nude lipstick is perfect for an everyday “no makeup” makeup look. Seeing that the goal is to play the toned-down card without being boring, full well-laid brows are the way to add some vibe to your doll-up. Plus, don’t forget to up the ante with your hairstyle too. Surely, there’s no room for mediocrity.

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