10 Celeb Subtle Makeup Ideas To Try This Season


aking a statement in the beauty department doesn’t necessarily require that you go all glammed up. On some occasions, an understated offering can have even more impact than a bold one, and last week, the stars were proof of this. The overwhelming consensus was to step out in muted wonders that did the job while allowing natural features to shine. Whether it was Meagan Good highlighting her naturally-full brows or Jhené Aiko leveraging a soft blush to accentuate her prominent cheekbones, the mission was easy, breezy, beautiful, and the girls undoubtedly delivered. Subtle makeup ideas.

The Looks


Last week, Jhené Aiko took to the stage in Ontario, Canada making a case for flawless, glass skin. With such luminous skin, it was no surprise that she played the soft makeup card. Her nude lips, rosy cheeks, and flirty lashes made this offering absolutely girly and chic. If you were ever looking for celeb subtle makeup ideas, this option is absolutely A+. 

Kelly Rowland also got the toned-down-makeup memo, and as expected, she delivered phenomenally. For the Black Excellence Brunch, the mother-of-two leveraged neutral tones for an easy offering that saw brown eyeshadow pair nicely with nude lips and warm cheeks. Her well-filled brows and lashes were the further elements that sold this look for a million bucks. 


Over in the hair department, Victoria Monét showed how a chic ponytail is done. Her wavy rendition sat regally on the top of her head as her well-laid edges played a supporting role in upping the hair-do.

Check out the best celeb hairstyles and subtle makeup ideas spotted last week…


Get the eyes


Kelly Rowland


Ryan Destiny


Meagan Good


Jhené Aiko

Get the cheeks


Keke Palmer


Sabrina Elba


Victoria Monét

Get the edges


Skai Jackson


Akira Akbar

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